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i did hear and then i saw the officers react and i saw a lot more police movement around doyle where i lost contact. >> back up for me so i understand better. you initially saw the police officers come up on this apartment building? >> i didn't know at the time of the gunshots, the initial gunshots with the crime being committed and i didn't think much of it because i didn't know what they were, by the time i heard sirens, i knew something was up. i looked out the window to see the cops it posted outside the apartment complex. i went into my apartment and began watching and seeing everything unfold. >> what are they telling you? the area is cordoned off, have you had any contact with officers? >> no, i've had no contact. i'm at their back. i imagine my front door is sort of in the line of fire-ish. i imagine they didn't want to
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approach my front door to see if anyone was home. >> you must be unnerved by the situation to see all the police presence and hear the gunshots. >> yeah, it's been a bit unnerving. i really don't know what to say. it's been a stressful day. >> i can imagine. thomas, thank you for letting us hear what you heard. stay safe and hopefully the police activity will end in your neighborhood very soon. we are also following another breaking story to tell you about, this one coming out of the east bay, talking about a body found at the dump in pleasanton. police received a call just before noon saying they found the body of a man among trash and recycleables at the transfer station on bush road right off valley just south of the iron wood development. at this point police aren't saying whether they have an identification, whether there was a person missing or if it's a homicide or not. we have someone going through the scene and we have more
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information. a little too cozy. the inspector general wants to know about some old deals about the space agency and its private partners. there are new questions that follow an nbc bay area investigation into a deal between nasa and a company associated with google which allows google's founding partners to base their private fleet there. we have details on the development. >> reporter: jessica, we obje obtained a memo from the inspector general announcing it was now initiating a new audit of the agency space act agreement. to determine whether nasa is getting a fair and reasonable benefit from its deals with private industry including a deal with h-211 owned by google's founders. and the inspector general also examined whether nasa is doing a good job monitoring export control laws with foreign governments such as china.
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the roar of this modified german fighter jet taking off and landing at nasa ames field has prompted a roar of outrage about the deal that allows this and five other private airplanes to be based here at nasa ames by a company h-211 named after the hangar they are housed. the owners are the principles of google which coincidentally has its headquarters just blocks away. we are asking some simple questions. after analyzing most of the flights into and out of move fet field which showed less than 15% of those flights were for scientific purposes, iowa senator charles grassley sent a letter to nasa demanding answers but got few. >> why all the stonewalling then? the more stonewalling you get, then the more you wonder, well, it makes you more crazy than
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ever to get to the bottom of it because maybe this is a big thing. i don't think it needs to be a big thing. it may not be a big thing. the fact they are answering our questions makes you wonder what's up? are they trying to cover up something in. >> reporter: now nasa's own inspector general is asking what's up. in this memo obtained by nbc bay area the inspector general's office says it will conduct a new audit of nasa's space act agreement with private companies to determine whether nasa is properly billing its private partners. whether it is receiving fair and reasonable benefits from its partners and whether nasa is appropriately monitoring u.s. export control laws. now a spokeswoman for nasa says she had not seen the ig's memo put out yesterday and would not comment until she had. the ig's probe into export control laws follows an fbi and justice department probe into whether national security issues
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were shared by officials out at nasa ames with chinese dignitaries who were visiting and working at moffet field. congressional sources say the probe was dropped by the u.s. justice department. senator grassley's office calls the audit, quote, important and good news. google corporate communications did not return our request for comment. >> thank you very much, steven. if you have a tip for steven or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips. send us an e-mail to the unit. new tonight at 6:00, san jose police need the public's help in finding a missing man who may be suffering from dementia, might also be with a woman whose family does not know. stanley jacobson's family reported him missing. he was last heard from on february 4th at his home on iron wood drive in san jose. his family says he may be with regina butler, the one pictured here. his relationship with her is
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unknown. police say jacobson does not know how to read or write and left his wallet and i.d. at home. jacobson is possibly driving his 1996 tan ford taurus with the california license plate seen here on our screen, 3-pqf-984. the mystery is over, sort of. the east bay couple missing in peru is reportedly okay, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions tonight. it's been a month since their family and friends have heard from them. jodi hernandez haz the new details. she joins us live this evening. jodi? >> reporter: raj, i'll tell you, a huge sense of relief here at the peddler bike shop. this is where jamie neal has worked for several years and where her co-workers have been rallying to find the cyclist and her boyfriend. today they got just the update they had hoped for. >> when i heard the news, i was just elated and a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. >> reporter: that's the reaction
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of jamie neal's co-workers that they have been reportedly located. a call was received from the u.s. embassy in peru telling her the couple had been spotted in a remote village they were passing through while on a riverboat cruise through the amazon to ecuador. >> the u.s. embassy just called me about ten minutes ago. they said that the police report ed to them that garrett called them over the phone and gave him his passport number and confirmed he and my sister are in good health and that they're fine. >> reporter: despite the news, both cyclists' families say they won't feel at ease until they have proof and hear their loved ones voices for themselves. neal's co-workers say it's just what they have been praying for. >> we are looking forward to tomorrow when they will have internet connections and they will be able to use their cell phones and do their facebooking. i want them to know that we are very, very happy that they are
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alive and we just want them to know that they are in our thoughts and now we don't have to have them in as many prayers. >> reporter: now jamie neal's sister tells us that the couple is due to arrive at the border are of ecuador some time tomorrow and they are expected to call their families then. everybody is anxious to hear from them as well as the folks here at the bike shop. they say they're anxious to hear from jamie and anxious to have her home. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> a great relief for them. thank you, jodi. >> the search is over for a family who reportedly abandoned their sailboat. the coast guard called off a massive search effort. now since sunday crews have scoured an area 20,000 miles wide searching for a man and woman and supposedly two young children as well as their boat. hundreds of rescuers from the coast guard and the california
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air national guard participated but they found nothing. there have been no reports of any missing boats or boaters. the coast guard is looking into the possibility that a distress call may have been a hoax. still ahead, shifting support. how meg whitman and other top republican lawmakers are changing their tune about gay marriage. i'm scott budman. why apple may have to pay for apps downloaded and why you may soon have to pay for music that you downloaded. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san jose. the 23rd annual film festival where the red carpet is starting to get busy. coming up, actor ryan miriam, the star of "dose of reality."
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san jose police are still looking for the driver who hit
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and killed a woman overnight. the deadly hit-and-run happened on monterey road and bellevue. they say the woman was crossing the road when she was hit. a dark colored vehicle never even attempted to stop. the driver took off on southbound monterey. it may have been a honda accord. the woman killed was in her late 40s but her identity has yet to be released. a close call as a crane toppled over at a construction site. the crane was being used on frances street. the 75-foot crane was lowering some metal when it fell over. tha thankfully no one was hurt. a four-story apartment complex with ground floor retail space is being built on the site of the old shopping center. if you download from itunes you may have money coming from apple. >> reporter: tomorrow apple is set to meet with investors. meanwhile, if you believe a reported settlement that came
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out today apple is also getting ready to pay 0 out more than $100 million to parents of kids who downloaded apps from the online app store. you may have heard stories about kids who bought virtual goods without their parents knowing. the settlement if approved would give $5 itunes gift cards to somewhere around 20 million customers. now if you downloaded music on itunes you probably paid for it, but if you illegally downloaded music or tv shows or movies, the reporting and film industry may track you. the copy right alert system will go into effect. service providers say they'll issue warning notices to those who download illegally. meanwhile, the 49ers are going solar and they're not going too far for the solar panels that would sit atop the soon to be completed 49ers stadium. the team today naming san jose based sun power as the exclusive panel partner of the new stadium. now from the sun, we go to security and while global cyber
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warfare may be getting the headlines these days, the people who run security companies here in the bay area say the biggest story actually hits very close to home. according to the experts you hold the future of cyber security in your hand, specifically when you use your mobile devices. >> this is where the criminal hackers are getting access. >> reporter: the bay area's rsa security conference is huge, but this year the message is pretty simple. small but powerful computers are a dangerously open door to hackers. >> the folks you do business with, the banks, their potentially vulnerable, and your data is potentially vulnerable like a credit card data, your privacy data. >> reporter: and if you bring your personal device to work like so many of us do, your company's information could be at risk along with your own. >> the risks are global but the
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risks are also local and what that means is your national security systems are at risk if they're hacked but also your personal data is at risk if it's hacked. >> what i do, i tap it to the back of the phone. >> reporter: so we saw a lot of gadgets like this one. more secure than a password, it removes private data from your phone with a touch until you want to put it back with a touch. >> our approach is you move the security, you move your identity, your most important security feature is out from the computer, out through your mobile device. >> reporter: physically and symbolically taking your identity back from thieves. corporations and individuals store on the cloud and how to protect that as well. raj, i'll send it back to you. >> okay, scott, thank you. after 25 years on the wish list, san francisco's new cruise
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ship terminal is finally ready to set sail. city leaders today, there's that red ribbon, they cut it on the new james herman cruise terminal at pier 27. the state-of-the-art building is designed to accommodate the larger cruise ships projected for the future. for now the city is handing over the facility to the america's cup yacht race to use as its race headquarters this summer. >> the bar open to the public downstairs. that will be a fun experience. there will be an arena out in the valley there. there will be all kinds of activities so it can experience the maximum that this facility can be. >> reporter: after the america's cup race, then november the city will begin to work to transform the large parking lot into a waterfront park. the first cruise ships are expected to begin using the new terminal in early 2014. it is a big night in san jose for film fans and the opening night of the 23rd annual film festival and our own jeff ranieri is live downtown on the red carpet, where don't you think he belongs? >> you should have a tuxedo and
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he's probably flanked by many actors this week, right, jeff? >> should be. yes, yes. i think black tie works pretty good, you guys. there is just so much energy. it is electric tonight. i wish you could see exactly what's happening back behind the came camera. there are just throngs of people starting to come here into the california theater on first street. we are at the film festival, the 23rd annual event, and you can see the red carpet, they're a little bit quiet because they're waiting for the actor that i have at bay and that is ryan merriman starring in "dose of reality." ryan, it is great to have you. this is my first red carpet event, so be easy on me, all right? >> you look great. >> okay. that's the most important part, right? >> that's the first thing. >> so tell me about "dose of reality" if people want to come out what can they expect from this? i saw the preview, it looked like quite a suspense. >> "dose of reality" is an awesome script. you know, it revolves around three people one night and it takes place in a bar. i can't give away too much.
6:18 pm
it's almost like a play. the whole movie takes place in one room. there's lots of highs, lows, little tips and tricks that you see coming. >> it seemed it was a movie where you watch and think maybe twice where you're going to hang out and who you're going to hang out with. it's like that inner conscience. >> it is. there's a lot of cake terse, dark, suspenseful stuff. >> so that's the movie you're going to be in "dose of reality." but we know there's a harrison ford tie to the film festival and you are also in an upcoming movie with harrison ford, right? >> i am. it's called "42." it's the jackie robinson story. harrison ford plays the owner of the dodgers and i played dixie walker, the right fielder in '47. kind of the main antagonist in some ways, kind of helped start the petition to kick jackie out.
6:19 pm
>> all right. so we have to check that out. that is called "42"? >> "42. ". >> thank you, ryan. we appreciate it. i think this went okay, right? >> you did great. >> all right, youawesome. >> a-plus. >> thank you so much, ryan. let's get a look at the weather maps and what you will find out here to cinequest or anywhere in san jose. temperatures in the 50s here for the most part. again, this is happening over the next couple of weeks. you can go to their website and check out this event for more information. there's some 200 films and hundreds of different artist that is will be involved in this. on that seven-day forecast, what you're going to find is plenty of sunshine all the way through this upcoming weekend with some of the warmest weather of the year coming as we head throughout friday and saturday. so it looks pretty awesome for cinequest if you're heading out to san jose. the cool thing about this, raj and jessica, you don't necessarily have to be dressed up in black tie to come to this. you can come on down. tickets are as cheap as $10 to $20. and then they have vip events
6:20 pm
that go up to $100. it's accessible to the community and a lot of incredible films that you can check out. >> our own little jeff ranieri hobnobbing with celebrities. we're so proud of you. >> i'll take the $10 tickets. jessica will take the $500 tickets. >> raj is going to buy it for me. >> thanks, jeff. we'll see you later in the newscast. beer lovers fight back a. lawsuit filed against the so-called king of beers. ahead the accusations and the bay area connection. also, a nasa engineer is gunned down. tonight a plea for help for the case that's gone cold. and the political resignation that could lead to gridlock at the state capitol. our follow-up, breaking news in santa cruz. we have an update regarding the two officers shot just a couple hours ago. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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ed lee has named a replacement for the new assessor recorder.
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29-year-old katie tang will be the new supervisor for district four. it includes the sunset and park side neighborhoods of the western side of san francisco. both tang and chu will be sworn into their new posts and wednesday. tang will face an election this november to try to retain the seat. democratic state senator marco rubio re-signed from offi resigned from office and suddenly they are in familiar territory with the republicans, gridlock. we bring in larry gerston. it is stunning to see how the resignation of one person can have such an impact on the legislature. >> normally you lose one out of 120, what's the difference? but these aren't normal times even in california. let's remember that for the first time in memory the democrats had two-thirds of the seats in each house. now that allowed them to pass tax measures and all kinds of 0 other things.
6:24 pm
with two vacancies already, rubio was one of the 27 democrats needed for that super majority in the state senate. that majority is now gone which means democrats will have to deal with republicans where there is no love lost. >> what were the key policy i issues where rubio had a leadership role? >> chair of the policy committee, jessica, set to pursue an overhaul of the controversial environmental quality act that pro business interests say harms development in the state. with governor jerry brown onboard rubio's committee was poised to move ahead on this issue front and center, moreover as a moderate democrat in a building where a moderate is a dirty word, many observers thought that rubio was just the ideal person to bring together developers and now that voice is gone. >> so what now then? >> for republicans it's relief from the super tuesday, the
6:25 pm
two-thirds that jort rather, which enhances their ability to influence legislation at least for the time being. it's hurry up and await for their ability to make major changes and lots of other policy areas is now stalled until they fulfill one of the vacancies that exist. all of this shows, gee whiz, the precarious condition of power in the state legislature with the departure of a single lawmaker everything is in chaos, filled with, as you said, gridlock. >> and so the political drama continues. down and away marriage and how some local tech giants aren't getting into the fight. >> it's an unusual move for those looming budget cuts, the can connection to undocumented immigrants. a controversial athlete and how he's bringing basketball diplomacy. the hot air balloon crash
6:26 pm
moments before it crashes to the ground, the latest in world tonight. and we are continuing our nbc chopper live above the scene. two officers have been shot. we have major developments with new information.
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we want to update you now on our breaking news from santa cruz. >> unfortunately, we just learned that the two police officers who were shot have died from their injuries and we're also told the suspect is dead as well. >> it started around 4:00 this afternoon near the intersection of water street. george kiriyama joins us live with the latest on this tragedy. george? >> reporter: raj, as you said, two santa cruz police officers are dead and the third person, a suspect, is also dead. santa cruz sheriff's department,
6:29 pm
they're not releasing any names because all the families have not been notified. they're not saying at this time. there are believed to be no other suspects by going door-to-door just to make sure this shooting that happened around 3:00 this afternoon here in santa cruz, just got the briefing about ten minutes ago to give you that latest information. gu guys? >> all right, thank you very much, george. of course we'll continue to follow this story at 11:00 and bring you new updates throughout the newscast. i want to show you some new video just into the newsroom, a witness sent to us, as it unfolded in santa cruz. watch. you can imagine the terrifying sight, the subsequent manhunt, you can hear that hail of gunfire. as you just heard george say,
6:30 pm
we've learned that the two officers have died and there's a suspect that's died. what's unclear there is a second suspect police are on the man hunt for. all afternoon they've been telling us they are looking for someone but it's unclear if that suspect is the one that's been found. of course we'll bring you more updates throughout the newscast. there is a new development in the debate over same sex marriage. dozens of high-profile silicon companies including apple and facebook are joining forces to urge the u.s. supreme court to legalize same sex marriage. >> marianne fach row is live in front of ebay with more on the effort. marianne? >> reporter: well, ebay is one of the companies in silicon valley sha is also voicing its support for same sex marriage. now these companies are not just saying that they support same sex marriage. they are actually filing a legal brief that the u.s. supreme court will read. late this afternoon facebook posted this statement saying this week facebook is proudly
6:31 pm
joining hundreds of businesses in submitting briefs to the u.s. supreme court supporting same sex marriage. other high-tech giants including apple and intel are joining in to try to convince the supreme court to lift the ban on same sex marriage. in a statement facebook said prop 8 discriminates against employees in same sex marriages and creates undue burdens on companies and employees. joe kinney is encouraged by the support. >> yes, it would be great if more came forward and were vocally public about it. but really big business is behind us. >> reporter: the announcement comes on 0 the heels of many well known 0 conservatives voicing a major shift of opinion. in a blog post hewlett-packard meg whitman announced i have come to embrace same sex marriage after a period of careful review and reflection. it's a dramatic change from her vocal support of prop 8 while running for governor.
6:32 pm
whitman also signed a legal filing making a conservative case for the supreme court to strike down the ban on same sex marriage. >> i think that meg whitman along with the 74 other conservatives who have signed it will have a really big impact. i think that their argument speaks to the fundamental values that conservatives have and it just shows that this is an issue that isn't about participate san politics. it's really about what our country was founded on. >> reporter: the question now is will the vocal support from big business and well-known conservatives convince the u.s. supreme court to liftc california's ban on same sex marriage. more silicon valley companies are expected to voice their support for same sex marriage by the end of the week and the obama administration has until thursday to decide if it's going to take a position on this case, reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. okay, thank you, marianne. with three days until budget cuts take effect, known as the
6:33 pm
sequester, republican leaders criticized the president for taking his comments outside of washington. he told shipyard workers there's no smart way to cut $85 billion in seven months as republicans are proposing. meanwhile today the department of homeland security blamed budget cuts for its planned release of some undocumented wo workers. house speaker john boehner has done his part complaining loudly and repeatedly that the president should approve the republican plan for more targeted reductions. president obama dismissed that as choosing between taking money from a poor kid while taking money from a disabled kid. >> if they do take effect, the is sequestration cuts will dig deep into federal programs. critics say it's a meat ax approach slashing federal programs without thought or discrimination. in tonight's reality check, sam brock eyeballs the numbers released by the white house this weekend showing how california will be affected. sam? >> that's the question and, raj, you know one thing about
6:34 pm
sequestration, it is quite clear throughout all of this, belt tightening from the federal government will hurt economic growth in this state and many other states for that matter and furloughs, but as many as the president predicts in a sobering report since the white house wouldn't provide us with the sources of their figures despite repeated requests, we did some digging ourselves. it's been likened to a buschering of the federal budget, a blunted edge slicing through fresh meat. military services, education, even medical research. we're talk iing about sequestration, it's a series of automatic funding cuts that the obama administration and congressional leaders never intended to actually take effect. >> is it for california? >> i think it's an exaggeration. stupid would be a better word. >> reporter: steven levy for the study of the california economy,
6:35 pm
a group that studies economic trends in the golden state. levy calls the sequestration cuts stupid, among other reasons, because they do little to impact our nation's biggest debt drivers, health care for an aging population and social security benefits. but what about the areas the sequestration does hit like defense spending? sequestration will strip some $43 billion from the department of defense in 2013 alone. >> but there is a sensible way of doing things and there's a dumb way of doing things. >> reporter: should we take the president at his word when he claims in this state by state breakdown released over the weekend that california will see some 64,000 civilian furloughs in defense? we asked the white house for their source but have not received the information. do you buy that figure, 64,000 people furloughed as a result of sequestration? levy has to pause because the numbers don't add up.
6:36 pm
>> well, there are only about 60,000 civilian dod employees in california. >> reporter: levy thinks the 64,000 figure likely includes military contractors as well, and it might assume all 60,000 civilian employees receive a furlough. the president's claim is difficult to substantiate but appears to be an exaggeration. >> so i need everybody to work on their spelling. >> reporter: then there's k-12 education, the white house estimates california will lose about $88 million in primary funding largely in title 1 funds for low-income students with some 1,200 jobs, quote, at risk according to the report. >> i think the figures are probably accurate in the aggregate because we know how much we get in title 1 money from the federal government. >> reporter: john, an editor at education advocacy group says the president's estimates for education cuts are probably in the right ballpark but he's leaving out two crucial pieces of information, first, the education cuts don't take effect
6:37 pm
until july, not march 1st, and, second, school districts exercise some flexibility in how they handle the cuts. what does that mean? jobs at risk? does that mean 1,200 people are set to lose their jobs? >> probably not. each district will have to make that decision for itself. >> reporter: now that figure of 1,200 might represent the average salary of a teacher or an aide divided into the total amount of cuts, so it assumes, of course, the school districts are counteracting cuts with layoffs. as both experts point out, the president is taking reasonable numbers for spending cuts but then using them to paint the deeriest possible scenarios. as mr. levy observes, that's probably not unintentional as president obama tries to jar a gridlocked congress into doing something about sequestration. that's today's reality check. still ahead at 6:00, tim lincecum's spring debut as the giants face the dodgers in scottsdale. and taking on the king of
6:38 pm
beers. the lawsuit filed here in the bay area. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live on the red carpet in the 23rd annual cinequest film festival. you don't want to miss this interview. that plus a very fast weather forecast coming up in just a few minutes live from the red carpet. hello?
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a done deal, chuck hagel will be america's next defense secretary. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with world tonight. a stall by republicans earlier this month, hagel a former republican senator had resistance from his own party and were unhappy with his back
6:41 pm
and forth on the iraq war and his stance on israel and iran. one person for sure happy with today's news, outgoing defense secretary leon pa nnetta. he wasn't able to step down until a new defense secretary was in place. panetta is back at his carmel valley home tonight. a fragile truce in jeopardy after a rocket was fired into southern israel. no one was hurt but the attack puts a three-month ceasefire on thin ice. militants say they fired the rocket in retaliation for what they call the torturous death of a palestinian prisoner who died in israeli custody over the weekend. israel said an exact cause of death could not be determined and says the bruising and broken ribs of the prisoner may have been caused by resus nation efforts not torture. it terrifying video of a hot air balloon crash in egypt which killed tourists. the balloon caught fire today over the valley of the kings near luxor, a popular tourist destination. the entire carriage and its
6:42 pm
passengers were engulfed in flames, some jumped to their death trying to escape as the balloon came crashing down from 1,000 feet. the tourists killed were from hong kong and europe, the exact cause is still unknown. first google ceo, now an infamous basketball superstar. north korea gets a special visitor. a basketball camp with members of the harlem globetrotters. north korea's leader is said to be a huge basketball fan. the players say they hope to provide a lot of fun and entertainment and, by the way, hbo is filming. let's go back out to the san jose cinequest. it is nbc bay area hollywood reporter, jeff ranieri. we're posing for the paparazzi. looking good? >> very nice, jeff.
6:43 pm
looks like you've been practicing at home. >> we're going to talk about the movie called "somewhere slow" in just a few minutes and, of course, the weather forecast. you want to help me out with the weather? >> i'm dying to be a meteorologist. >> well, that is awesome, all right. we're coming back after this. the 23rd annual film festival in a few minutes. all right, jeff. thanks very much. i can't wait to hear that after completely forgettable 2012 season, a new tim lincecum was looking for a fresh start on the mound. fists were flying as the warriors were tangled with the pacers. we're going to tell you what set this off straight ahead from the xfinity sports desk.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
keeping water ways cleaner. the city voted today 9-2 on landmark legislation, a styrofoam contain er. they can clog local creeks and threaten the health of san francisco bay. the ordinance would phase out all styrofoam containers next january. the save the bay organization says by banning sti row phone
6:46 pm
containers, other cities locally and nationally followed suit, the next step an environmental report that will take several months to complete. a bay area lawyer is leading the fight against the king of beers. san rafael is the lead lawyer in a $5 million class action lawsuit against anheuser-busch. they have accused the beer maker of watering down its budweiser, michelob and other brapdz, too. they have admitted adding water before bottling that cuts the alcohol content by 3% to 8%. anheuser-busch calls it groundless and says the beers fully comply with all labeling laws. a slice of hollywood is here beginning tonight on the red carpet as our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri from -- >> he's at san jose cinequest fair, film festival. i'm a little groggy, people. i'm just so stupefied by how great you look on that red carpet.
6:47 pm
>> i thank you, jessica. i did all of this for you guys back home. we're out here on the red carpet, the 23rd annual event and back here behind me it's a little bit slow because we are stomping up the red carpet with one of the bigger stars here at the film festival this evening. there's going to be some 200 international films in this 13 day event. it's a can't miss event and it's accessible to the whole public from $10 tickets up to $500 vip passes. so we're joined tonight by joes lynn and you're in the movie "somewhere slow" and i saw the p preview of this and it looks like something that i think everybody can relate to. >> oh, yeah, thank you. i'm incredibly proud of it. it's written and directed by r jeremy o'keefe and it's the story of a 40-year-old woman -- >> you're 40? >> thank you. >> oh, my. >> i am 40. i'm over 40. so it's a story of a 40-year-old woman who has just become sort
6:48 pm
of disillusioned with her life and has lost a sense of direction and one evening she stumbles on this convenience store robbery and makes this split second decision to walk out on her life and into the unknown. it's very intense. she meets a young boy along the way and they forge this relationship that's unconventional and it's very heated, but what i like so much about it is it's a subtle story about how sometimes you have to return to your life and get a little bit more connected to who you are and that idea wherever you go, there you are. >> just finding yourself it seemed like in the preview i had seen. this is my first red carpet. do you think it's just a lot of hoopla, who are you wearing and what is it going on, or is it a purpose to the film industry? >> i am wearing dayian, but, no, i think that we're so grateful that you are here because, for
6:49 pm
me, a film festival like had is the place for independent filmmakers to have their material seen. it's so competitive right now. it's so difficult to have smaller films, even medium sized fi films be able to reach audiences and cinequest has shown us there is an audience that wants to see the stories told and without them is the platform we wouldn't have an opportunity to reach an audience so we're incredibly grateful and happy you're here to help us explain to the world. >> thank you so much, the movie "somewhere slow. "we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks again for coming. let's get a look at our weather graphics as we head throughout the night and temperatures are going to be in the upper 50s and low 60s. it will also remain clear. so if you're heading out anywhere in san jose or to the cinequest to come out and check out the movies or the stars tonight. it looks great. now, again, there's going to be 13 days with 200 international films. 600 artists involved. go to for more information. on the day part forecast, fog tomorrow morning and then we'll have some sunshine by the
6:50 pm
afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 inland. on the seven-day forecast, the -- i was going to say oscar but the weather award goes to friday for 74 degrees and sunny skies looks like some spectacular weather. raj and jess, i am back on the red carpet and i see things flashing. i'm not sure if it's for me or what's next to me. i'm not quite sure. >> it's not a what, it's a who, okay? and, you know, the woman you interviewed was on "glee." she played the wife of the glee club leader. >> you love "glee." >> that's right, yes. the gleeks. and over 40? i could not believe it. >> she looked good. >> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports now. we're gossiping away, aren't we? >> jim, take it away. you, i am sure, are not wearing diane. >> no, joseph is what i am
6:51 pm
wearing, but i was very interested in what was behind jeff ranieri on that last shot. i wonder if we'll have her license at the end of this. w warriors road trip continuing tonight. they tried to make it four wins in a row, but it's not the warriors' play that will have everyone talking. let's go down to nap town. game two, a road trip. third quarter, pacers up 12. david west knocks down a jumper here, indiana on a 13-0 run. we move to the fourth. steph curry takes over. there is a three here. it's a ridiculous crossover. trying to make a comeback, seven minutes left, paul george pump fake, gets fouled and makes the basket. the pacers up ten but he misses the free throw. it leaves the door open. starts shoving and then kchaos ensues and six technicals later in the front row, fans get a
6:52 pm
first -- that is a close upview of an nba fight. warriors lose 108-97. we move on. it doesn't matter if it is the regular season of the cactus league. it's always fun and the big story tim lincecum making his spring debut. shall we go out to the desert, two-time cy young winner in his first start of the spring giving up three runs, four hits, struck out one, didn't walk a batter. after the game lincecum saying this is a quote, it's a good sign when you feel the balls coming out of your hand better than the year before. things did go well for him in the desert. could former packers and seahawks coach mike holmgren be returned to the bay area. comcast sports net bay area confirming that the oakland raiders have spoken to mike holmgren about the position of the team. what that means to general manager reggie mckenzie. no one knows.
6:53 pm
they will not confirm nor deny. the sharks play tonight at home. we'll have highlights tonight at 11:00. do we still have a license to broadcast on nbc bay area? i am not certain, but i am going to go back and check the can dvr a couple of dozen times just to see. >> that could be interesting. [ crickets chirping ]
6:54 pm
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
6:55 pm
no scores, no accountability, earlier this month you might recall we exposed many silicon valley restaurants keeping results a secret. but the investigative unit
6:56 pm
didn't stop there. inside 50 popular restaurants across the bay area. restaurants are scored and required to post that information for to you see. now it's supposed to force restaurants to clean up but we found just because it's the rule it doesn't exactly mean it's being followed. >> as long as it's available it doesn't have to be in public view. we have to keep it up for are a certain amount of days after that evaluation. and then we can take it down. >> the person who said that they could take it down after a few days. >> that was the manager. >> totally incorrect. >> why do you think so many aren't complying? >> i don't think it's a high peshly, if they have a bad score, it's not something that they necessarily want the customers to see. >> tonight we'll take you inside some well-known eateries, which restaurant gave us bad information on how they really scored tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for any one of our investigative reporters give us a call 888-996-tips or send
6:57 pm
us an e-mail to thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now, on "extra" -- mrs. obama's oscargate. the backlash over her surprise appearance and how this man helped pull off the 007-style operation. >> how did you make it happen? >> plus, trump versus macfarlane. why the donald is ripping the oscar host to shreds. >> and why seth says never again. >> all new oscar candid. adele with katherine. >> klum and the kardashians. the winner with an in-n-out burger. then barbara walters on the mend. >> you are doing well? >> i'm fine. thank you.
6:59 pm
>> she announces her "view" return and a.j. is on the set. >> for barbara to be still for this amount of time -- >> torture. >> who's arnold's mystery blonde date? the all-new "dancing with the stars" cast. real housewife lisa vanderpump. >> i want to have his children. let's be honest. >> why maksim suddenly quit. plus, who is the top-secret 12th dancer? plus, alec breaks his silence about his smack down with a new york reporter, but what did he tell letterman about his wife hilaria? >> i'm going to have to get him back. >> welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. we start with mission michelle obama, the top-secret mission to get her on the oscars. >> i think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion. i thouit

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